Enfield No.1 MKIII Stock Set, Complete

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• Original refurbished buttstock
• New production new rear handguard
• New production forend
• New production front handguard

Note: Wood will need staining in order to match

4 Reviews

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    Stock set

    Posted by Henderik H on Nov 22nd 2020

    I did not expect too much when I ordered the set however it is pretty bad. The upper handguard is too long and will require shortening at the nose and is a little warped. The forend also require fitting but that was expected.

    The main issue is the terrible attempt at staining the wood to make it match. The new reproduction is a much lighter wood and to make it the same color every piece was slathered in a really dark stain that was poorly applied.

    Full of dark blotches/runs that shows the poor application and was still tacky.

    If you buy this know that significant work will be required.

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    Stock set

    Posted by Alston Bowman on Nov 27th 2019

    "New production forend" was warped to the right at the muzzle. The inner band screw hole has collapsed while installing the screw. Wood is being pushed up and splintering out. None of the handguard pieces fit flush. Its almost like none of these pieces were made to fit the No1 mk3. Im 20 hours into sanding using 80 grit and no where near complete. Would NOT recommend for the price and quality i received. Literally NO other website has all 4 pieces for one money, but the price should be lower to reflect quality.

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    Stock set

    Posted by A. Bowman on Nov 26th 2019

    Way more work than I ever anticipated. 20 hours of sanding and its nowhere near coming together. The forend arrived warped to the right. The inner band screw hole has collapsed, though not being a problem yet. The upper handguard has SO much extra material, not creating a flush fit. Every piece of wood has different finish. I would not recommend it unless you have a month to work nonstop on this wood set. For the price I was expecting a minimal of 4 hours work, but my hopes were short lived. I do give props to Sarco for having this in stock, though. Literally no other website has all 4 pieces for one money. Just wish it fit better.

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    Stock unusable

    Posted by Jason Rada on Nov 23rd 2019

    Fore-end was so bad non of the screw holes line up and is too skinny to match thelines of the nosecap or rest of the kit. GAps at rear receiver and nose cap. Buttstock was new. front handguard was warped to the right.