Arguably the most iconic of all WW2 German helmets, and one of the most infamous helmets of all time, is the M35 Stahlhelm, or “Steel Helmet” that was developed in 1935 and was worn widely by Nazi Germany’s soldiers throughout the Second World War. 

The original Stahlhelm was actually produced in the First World War, where starting in 1916, it began to replace the equally infamous Pickelhaube, the spiked helmets worn by troops of the Kaiser’s Imperial German Army, during the Deutsches Kaissereich. 

However, it was the M35 helmet, which was developed from pressed sheets of molybdenum-bearing steel, that really made the design famous. The helmet shell’s design features a flared visor as well as a flared edge along the base of the helmet to protect the nape of the neck. The sides of the helmet were rolled to eliminate sharp edges. 

The M35 combat helmet was often finished in Feldgrau, or “field grey”, a light gray color that was relatively inconspicuous in a variety of q/environments. Many of our reproduction WW2 German helmets are finished in this color. 

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