Forends & Handguards

Our collection of buttplates, grips, stocks, forends, and handguards, has compatible stocks and forends for some of the most popular shotguns and rifles on the market, from the Remington 700 to the venerable, ageless 870 Wingmaster. We also carry stocks, handguards, forends, and other furniture for other popular platforms like the SKS and M16. if you need new furniture for your rifle or shotgun, Sarco, Inc. has it. Whether you’re simply looking to update the style with a new stock or solve a dry rot problem with a new wooden grip or forend, we can get you what you need. Whatever reason you have for needing to make the switch, there’s something in our collection to serve as a solution. 

You can also potentially rectify handling and length of pull issues with a new stock; by swapping out the factory stock with a compatible model with slightly different dimensions, you can get your gun to “fit” you better. Handing issues and problems with expandability can also be addressed by replacing forends & handguards. Replacing a forend with a more comfortable model can make you more confident behind the stock and can help you coax your groups down into smaller patterns. 

Replacing a hand guard can have a big impact on handling and expandability, too. Swapping out your handguard can give you a more comfortable surface to serve as a grip or outfit you with tons of additional rail space that you can use to expand your rifle with additional grips, lights, lasers, optics, and more. 

Look over our collection and let us know if you’re looking for something you don’t see here - 610-250-3960.