Unless one was conspicuously absent from your stock, you might not even notice that a buttplate was missing from your rifle or shotgun. However, the function of buttplates is far from merely aesthetic. If your rifle or shotgun is missing one, find a compatible model here and reinstall it. 

While other features of a gunstock, like length-of-pull (LOP) or comb height, are more important to provide a proper fit of the shooter to the gun, the buttplate can also help ensure a proper, consistent mount and may even prevent the shooter’s propensity to cant or twist the stock while firing. They can also potentially affect the firearm’s LOP, effectively improving the fit of the stock to a shooter. 

While many buttplates are metal, some synthetic plates actually improve comfort, helping to shield the shooter against the effects of felt recoil. They can potentially improve the comfort of the shooting experience. 

The plate at the end of the stock also occasionally contains a small compartment for storage, or a mount for a sling or for other hardware, in which case its functionality is not entirely restricted to the handling of the gun.

 An overlooked benefit of buttplates is that they protect wooden stocks from damage. Wooden stocks in particular will have their end grain exposed at the end of the butt, which area is susceptible to delamination, moisture absorption and warping, and other such related damage. This is another very important reason that a buttplate should be replaced or installed onto a wooden stock if it is missing, as it helps to protect the stock itself. 

Our collection of accessories including buttplates for a wide range of different rifles and shotguns. Check our online collection first to see if we have a match for your platform, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us at 610-250-3960 and we’ll help you locate the requisite equipment for your firearm.