Carcano Rifle Parts

Carcano is a name that is shrouded in mystique. Most people that know it (if they know it at all) recognize it as the make of rifle that was used in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Students of history recognize the Carcano as a rifle that was developed in the Kingdom of Italy in 1891 for the 6.5x52mm Carcano cartridge and carried notably by the forces of the Kingdom of Italy and the Empire of Japan throughout its surprisingly long service history. Carcano rifles and variants were also carried by the forces of more than 15 other sovereign states, most of them in Europe.

But the rifle is more famous for the number of claims that surround it, notably that it is unreliable, inaccurate, slow to cycle, prone to error, and most disturbingly, that it has been known to “blow up” during the course of normal use. No doubt many of these claims (which are no doubt little more than myths) have been fueled by hysteria and conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination. If you own and use a Carcano rifle yourself, you probably recognize in it a capable, reliable tool, tolerant of abuse, and surprisingly consistent.

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