Para Ordnance Magazines

Para Ordnance was a Canadian arms manufacturer that eventually became Para USA, LLC., before finally being bought by Remington Arms and going defunct. In its day, Para Ordnance produced a variety of handguns, many of them styled as 1911 variant handguns. The company produced, in its portfolio of 1911 style pistols, a double-action 1911 style pistol and a 1911 style pistol that was capable of accepting double stack magazines. 

Para Ordnance was best known for its 1911-style handguns that were simple to operate and maintain, durable, reliable, and most importantly, affordable. Para Ordnance was, for many, a gateway into 1911 style pistols when more expensive models were out of their price ranges. They also held their value well, and many people today still own and use Para Ordnance handguns. As a result of their affordability, longevity and durability, parts for Para Ordnance arms remain surprisingly popular.

Here at Sarco, Inc., we carry a wide range of parts and accessories for Para Ordnance arms, including the Para Ordnance magazines for sale that you will find on this page. If you don’t see a magazine compatible with your pistol listed on this page, get in touch with our customer service team and we will see if we can locate one for you.