Magazines, Drums & Stripper Clips

Without a compatible magazine or an operational one, a semi-automatic platform is little more than a single-shot. The lack of a magazine can also adversely affect the performance of a repeater. If it’s intended to feed from a magazine, the shooting experience is not what it could be when there’s no mag in the picture. 

Unfortunately, like the other components of a firearm, detachable magazines can wear down and start to fail. The fatiguing of internal springs or the deformation of a follower can result in a magazine’s performance flagging, failing to feed the final few rounds, or failing to feed at all. Magazine feed lips can also be damaged by mishandling or poor loading practices, which can also adversely impact the operability of a magazine. 

Stripper clips can also impact your shooting experience, but don’t get these confused with magazines. Stripper clips hold several cartridges and then facilitate loading the ammo they hold into another magazine. Some rifles, like the M1 Garand, have fixed magazines that can be loaded from En Bloc clips. Think of it this way; the magazine feeds the action, the stripper clip, or the clip, feeds the magazine. Some shooters refer to clips as mags but they are not the same. 

Whether you’re here because you need a new detachable box magazine to replace an old one that simply isn’t working properly, or you’re looking for some stripper clips to make the most of your range time, spending more time shooting and less time loading, we have something for you. Take a look through our collection of magazines, drums & stripper clips and see if you can find the model that’s compatible with your firearm, and if not, give us a call at 610-250-3960. We’ll help you find the part or parts you need.