Cleaning Ropes

A firearm, like any machine, needs proper care, attention, and maintenance in order to perform. If you expect your firearm to feed, fire, extract and cycle effectively, you’re going to need to keep it clean - advisably, after every trip to the field or to the range. Cleaning your gun will keep it in tip-top shape - a well-oiled machine if you will - but it will also preserve your firearm and help protect it from corrosion. Periodic, thorough cleaning is in order to remove fouling from the action, bore, bolt face, choke tubes, gas block and tubes, trigger assembly, and elsewhere, depending on the unique operation (and components) of the platform. 

Our collection contains cleaning rods and other accessories, but for some firearms, a cleaning rope is a convenient alternative. Some firearms need to be taken apart before they can be cleaned with a rod; a rope makes the process easier. Many cleaning ropes are impregnated with cleaning brushes. In order to clean a firearm with him, simply open the action, snake the rope through from the chamber to the muzzle, and pull it through to dissolve and dislodge fouling, with the aid of an acceptable bore solvent, if necessary. 

If you’ve never used a cleaning rope before and would like some more information on how to use them to keep your barrels spotless, give us a call. You can also pick one up right off this page, look up an online tutorial and try it for yourself. They’re also great for packing along for trips; since they don’t require you to break down the gun, they simplify field cleaning.