Broken Shell Extractor



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Broken shells are a nightmare. Occasionally, even shells that don’t break expand and stick to the sides of the chamber, making it difficult to extract them. Sometimes, the extractor doesn’t apply enough force and these shells need to be pried out. It’s a harrowing and annoying experience that slows down shooting.

Broken shells are even worse. If a shell breaks in the chamber under the course of routine firing, often the extractor will only pull out a piece of it or the action will become jammed with broken or deformed pieces of brass. This unfortunate occurrence cripples a weapon until the shell (or the parts of it) can be removed.

Complicating the issue is the fact that during firing the shell often expands against the walls of the chamber, making it difficult to remove. If they break off in the chamber, jury-rigged implements will often fail to remove them. That’s where the value of a purpose-built broken shell extractor becomes so valuable. Removing every piece of a broken shell can help prevent dangerous follow-up shots that can result in barrel bulging or even bursts which can be fatal.

Be prepared at the range with a shell extractor. Once you’ve experienced a shell failure once, it’s not something you’re ever going to want to experience again. Most shell extractors fit easily into the chamber behind a broken shell and engage both the bolt and the brass in order to coax it out.

If you have any questions about how our shell extractors work to remove broken cases (or about their compatibility with certain firearms, actions, or cartridges) give us a call at 610-250-3960.