MG Mounts

Machine mounts, also known as MG mounts, are mount systems that enable a machine gun to be stabilized as well as aimed and fired in a variety of different attitudes or orientations. Machine gun mounts are often specific to the platform in question and vary significantly in their design. Some of the most common types of weapon mounts include: 

-       Bipod and tripod mounts: Bipod and tripod mounts are both highly effective for stabilizing a machine gun and enabling it to deliver suppressive bursts of automatic fire. Tripods, which have three stabilizing legs, are superior for providing a stable shooting platform; however, a firearm’s muzzle can be more easily rotated backward and forward around the axis created by the two legs and the ground, making it easier to make adjustments to the elevation of the shot string. 

-       Pintle mounts: A pintle mount typically consists of a rod and a socket, around which the mounted machine gun can be freely swiveled, enabling a great range of motion. Pintle mounts were common on guns mounted to ship’s gunwales and also as mounts for aircraft machine gunners since a greater deal of flexibility was required to effectively fire upon airborne combatants. 

-       Pedestal mounts: Pedestal mounts, like pintle mounts, enable relatively free gyroscopic rotation of a machine gun platform. However, pedestal mounts were typically reserved for larger, heavier platforms and sometimes required special mechanical equipment for their adjustments. 

Because these weapon mount systems are often highly specific to a given platform, most of them cannot be used with any sense of interchangeability. However, we carry MG mounts for a wide range of historically significant arms, including the 1919A4, M2, 1917A1, and countless others. Just because you don’t see it in our collection doesn’t mean we don’t carry it; contact us at 610-250-3960 for more information or to inquire after compatible mounts or components for your platform. 

We also carry a wide range of accessories for different platforms, including but not limited to ammo can holders, hardware, and other accessories that were vital to machine gun crews. Check our collection first and contact us if you have any questions about compatibility or availability.