The FND, more properly the FN-D or the FN Model D (named after Fabrique Nationale, which produced the firearm platform) was one of the many variants developed around the BAR or Browning Automatic Rifle. The original BAR had a particular weakness that was a common gripe among operators: it had a fixed barrel that could not easily be removed. Capable of achieving a rate of fire of over 600 rounds per minute, the barrel could easily overheat during periods of intense, prolonged fire. 

The FN Model D fixed that and added some other nice improvements to the Browning Automatic Rifle while retaining many of its characteristics. The FND sports a quick-change barrel that could easily be swapped out during intense periods of suppressive fire. This is actually where the “D” in the name comes from; it stands for “demountable,” denoting the fact that the gun’s barrel can easily be removed. 

The FN-D also features a pistol grip in place of the BAR’s traditional, longer stock, improving handling and control. The FN-D also mounted its bipod to the platform’s gas cylinder instead of to the barrel. That lightened the weight of the quick-change barrels that were compatible with the platform. While the FN Model D was one of the most practical variants of the BAR, it is largely unknown compared to other, more widely used machine gun platforms - but that’s our specialty here at Sarco, Inc. If you’re looking for parts for an FN Herstal Model D, check this page first and get in touch with us at 610-250-3960 if you have any questions.