Dummy and Inert Grenades, Mortars & Rockets

While dummy and inert grenades, mortars & rockets might be practical instruments for training, they have a number of other more serviceable mundane uses as well. Our collection of dummy and inert rounds make great accessories or additions to historical displays. They can also be tastefully arranged in their own right to create their own artistic impression. They also make great - although large - paperweights. 

They’re also valuable for their purpose as collectibles. For collectors of militaria and historic arms, a dummy or inert explosive might be the safest alternative to a live specimen, as inert rounds can be handled and transported safely and effectively. They can be added into collections to improve their value as well. Dummy and inert grenades and mortars also make excellent props for amateur filming or for theatrical purposes. If you need period-accurate pieces or convincing, realistic props, these are ideal for that and can be used to add a measure of authenticity to histrionic displays. 

Our collection of dummy grenades also contains parts that can be used for historical or educational purposes. This collection is reserved for inert or dummy specimens; if you are looking for live ammo, please consult the previous link.