Rifle Magazines

Whether you bought a used rifle that was sold without a functional magazine, have found that your platform’s aging mag doesn’t feed reliably, or you’d simply like to improve feeding or expand your firearm’s capacity, a new rifle magazine can do the trick. SARCO Inc., is your source for hard-to-find parts and magazines for a wide range of rifles, including popular civilian models, military surplus rifles, and hard-to-find historical oddities and collectibles. There’s no better way to breathe life into an aging action than with a new, crisp magazine with operable internals. 

Even some rifles with operable magazines have flagging internals and worn-out springs or feed lips. If your gun’s magazine is on the way out, it could be sending you a number of cues that you should make replacement a priority, and make it a priority soon. A common sign that a magazine needs to be replaced is when the magazine fails to feed smoothly or deforms the noses of bullets as the action strips them off and feeds them into the chamber. Sometimes failing magazines will not feed smoothly at all; other times they will feed smoothly up until the last round, or the last few rounds. This is typically attributable to fatigued internal springs or broken or malfunctioning followers. In any case, the issue can usually be remedied with a new mag. 

Signs of a failing magazine include:

Keep in mind that a rifle magazine may not need to be replaced just because it is no longer feeding smoothly. Before ditching a magazine and buying a new one, take it apart and clean it. If the spring is fatigued, replace it. If that doesn’t work, replace the whole thing. 

As magazines age, they occasionally do not seat properly in the well of the receiver that secures them, which can also result in issues associated with feeding or cycling. These could also be indicators that it’s time for you to replace your rifle magazine. Finally, you might not need a replacement magazine at all but would simply prefer a few backup mags to load to better enjoy your time at the range, or an extended mag to make your platform a more effective tool for competition. Whatever the case, we carry a wide range of magazines - including hard-to-find and extended-capacity mags - right here at SARCO, Inc. take a look through our collection and give us a call at 610-250-3960 if you need assistance.