M1 Garand

George S. Patton, Jr. unabashedly called it the “greatest battle implement ever devised,” and it saw combat in the hands of American servicemen throughout World War II and into the Korean War. Reliable, accurate, and powerful, the semi-automatic, gas-operated M1 Garand served with distinction and is solidly cemented in the minds of many historians as one of the most influential rifles of all time, certainly at the top of the list among American entries.

However, like all firearms, the Garand needs some care and attention to keep it in working order, especially since many privately-held models are several decades old by this point. Regardless of whether you need something basic like a new buttplate or a rear sight, or something more necessary to the operation like a gas cylinder or operating rod, we have what you need.

We carry a wide range of M1 Garand rifle parts as well as shooting accessories such as pouches, scabbards and clips that you can either use to complete a collection or support your endeavors in firearm safety and marksmanship. If you can’t see what you’re looking for on this page, it doesn’t mean we don’t have it. Call us at 610-250-3960 and we’ll help you get your rifle back to pristine working condition with the parts you need.