If you’ve never had a bad experience with a gun’s grips, then you don’t know how much of an impact they can have on accuracy and confidence - for better or for worse. Like measurements such as length of pull and comb height, a firearm’s grips will significantly impact your abilities behind the sights. 

An uncomfortable grip is problematic in more than one way. Smaller frames (and scales) may feel unwieldy in large hands, and sharp corners can compound the discomfort of firing, causing flinching due to recoil or pinching the hands and fingers. On the other end of the spectrum, scales and frames that are too large for a shooter’s hands can be difficult to control effectively, hindering handling, target acquisition, and accuracy. 

We also carry grips for sporting rifles that can be easily attached to the bottom of a quad rail to make handling them much more comfortable and practical, adding stability to the platform. 

Regardless of the situation, adding a new set of scales or grips to your firearm that are more comfortable for you and index more naturally in your hands will welcome a number of benefits. It will be easier to handle and maneuver the firearm and it will be less uncomfortable to manage the discomfort of recoil or control muzzle jump. Most importantly, it will help you develop self-assurance on the firing line so you can handle, aim and fire your weapon with confidence. 

Naturally, the purpose of handle scales or grips is not purely functional and in many cases may become an item of vanity. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to add personality or class to your favorite pistol, you can definitely give it a makeover with a new set of rosewood or mother of pearl grips. 

We carry grips and scales for a wide range of firearms, including but not limited to M1911 pistols and variants, Iver Johnsons, Colts, and Tokarevs. Check out this collection and then give us a call at 610-250-3960 or come pay us a visit at 50 Hilton Street in Easton to see what else we have in stock.