Madsen 1950

The Madsen 1950, also known as the M50, is a submachine gun that was produced by Dansk Industri Syndikat in Denmark, first released in 1950 - hence the name of the model. It was since adopted by over ten states and saw combat until the 1980s. 

Carried by troops that served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, and through several notable Latin-American Conflicts, the no-frills M50 was made of stamped sheet metal; The platform’s design featured two main pieces which fit together like a clamshell and are held together with a barrel locking nut. Its simple design and reliable operation were ideal for unforgiving conditions that it often met across the far-flung battlefields it often encountered. 

Interestingly chambered around the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, this SMG featured an open bolt and a blowback action which was capable of a rate of fire of up to 550 rounds per minute. It is only capable of firing in a full auto mode, making the 32 round magazine it accepted fairly limiting; fortunately, the platform’s grip was hollow, providing space for a magazine loader. 

It might be called one of the plainest SMG platforms of all time. Designed for reliability and ease of maintenance, the M50 was also easy to field strip. Removing the magazine and unloading the action, the user could then unscrew the nut securing the barrel and remove the barrel, bolt, spring, and guide. 

Simple and reliable, the Madsen M-50 is nearly immediately recognizable with its extremely austere presentation, short barrel, and rear pistol grip. Though reliable and historically significant, parts and accessories are not easy to come by. 

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