Shoulder Holster

Carrying cross draw from a shoulder holster requires special training in order to safely draw without covering any bystanders with your muzzle unintentionally. Although carrying in this manner makes it advisable for gun owners and law enforcement officials to undergo extra training, careful attention to your surroundings, and situational awareness, it has a few advantages over more traditional methods of carrying, such as OWB and IWB carry.

-       Carrying via a shoulder holster is more comfortable, and allows for more even weight distribution, especially of larger, heavier handguns.
-       Carrying in this manner enables you to holster larger handguns, such as revolvers with longer barrels.
-       You can sit more comfortably with a gun holstered under your arm than you can with one at your hip or on your waistband. You’ll also have better access to your firearm while seated.
-       Some holsters designed for shoulder carry or cross draw are more compatible with concealed carry with a wider range of clothing.
-       It’s easier to put on or take off a shoulder holster than it is to thread a belt holster and ammo carriers on and off your belt.
-       There’s also a classic, professional look associated with shoulder carry and cross draw. 

Oftentimes, how you carry will be determined by the setting, your choice of clothing, or of the gun you carry. Sometimes it makes sense to have holsters for cross draw, shoulder or underarm carry in addition to IWB, OWB carry, or even another method. Take a look through our collection of leather shoulder holsters and adjustable shoulder holster systems here and get in touch with us at 610-250-3960 if you don’t see a model that will fit your firearm.