Charging mags got you down? Put down the mag-loading woes and pick up a few drum mags, right here at SARCO, Inc.! We carry a wide range of extended mags, compatible with a wide range of popular firearms, including but not limited to 1911, Glocks, and AR-15s. Why put down those straight mags? Well, because a drum mag will help you spend more time at the range shooting, and less time fumbling with brass. 

It’s common for handgun mags and sporting rifle mags to contain anywhere from 10-15 rounds. Some extended handgun mags carry 17-19 rounds, and there are AR mags that hold 30 rounds. The problem is, these are limited in capacity, and even the larger ones can get a bit unwieldy. These magazines, by comparison, solves that issue. It’s not uncommon for these mags to hold 50 or even 100 rounds. You’ll spend more time burning brass and less time at the bench recharging your mags; just be sure to bring along a speedloader to keep things moving efficiently! 

Drum mags are even better for rifle shooters since they’ll minimally affect balance and handling. While a pistol with a charged drum mag will weigh substantially more, you might not even notice the addition on a rifle.