Enfield #7 Bayonet

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Sarco has obtained some original #7 small parts in bulk and has had the bayonet blade newly manufactured so we can finally offer this very rare bayonet originally issued in 1945. While it fits the #4 rifle, it was chiefly made for the Sten Mk5 SMG. The blade has been manufactured with tempered steel with edge and the original classic ‘Tufnel’ fiber reinforced grips have been added. The grip is superior and more comfortable than probably any bayonet made up till 1945. Makes a very formidable fighting  knife too! While it was exceptionally made, it suffered from finicky swivel catches and a muzzle ring that seemed out of place when used on Sten Guns. Nevertheless, these bayonets have never made it onto the world market place in suitable numbers and the originals command extremely high prices. Ours is first class, although like the original manufacturers like BSA, Elkington, R.O.F. Poole/ Newport, we too have not overcome the finicky catch system, but have improved the blade with an edge. Extremely Limited. New. Bayonet with steel scabbard

2 Reviews

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    No.7 Repro Bayonet

    Posted by Newby00 on Jan 30th 2020

    Solid offering! The blade looks very similar to my original No. 9 bayo minus the arsenal proofs. The catch is still a bit finicky like originals were but, all things considered, pretty dang good! Would have been nice to have some repro arsenal marks on the item but I understand that they can’t be made so they are too convincing as that would undermine the value of originals.

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    Never herd of one. Well made good quality like it

    Posted by Joe longbottom on Dec 6th 2019

    Little tricky to operate I’ll figure it out