WW2 Sten Gun Magazine Loader

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New reproduction WW2 Sten Box Mag Loader. May require some hand fitting to make seat properly on magazine. 

5 Reviews

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    Reproduction loader

    Posted by Steven Estabrook on Mar 7th 2022

    I have the real loader but got this to use instead of my WWII vintage loader,
    this is a repo and not a good one it will not lock on to any of my 20 magazines, I will have to redo the locking tab so it will actually go in the loader notch on the back of each magazine. Otherwise it is useless as a mag loader.

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    WW2 Sten gun magazine loader

    Posted by Dan on Jul 20th 2020

    Typical foreign aftermarket, no QA. The stamped catch is not completely punched out, why is it so hard to make one complete? Buyer beware, you may have to finish manufacturing it.

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    The mag loader was in great shape! I have only been disappointed that it does not work very well. I’ve searched YouTube for instructions on how to use it but it still does not work well.

    Posted by Rhonda Ellis on Jul 20th 2020

    Thank you for opportunity to find an original part for our Sten. It just adds to the “coolness” of this historical firearm.

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    Reproduction mag loader

    Posted by Charles J Kersey on Jan 21st 2020

    Can't even come close to the original! Pretty flimsy and bends all over the place while trying to press rounds in. Especially the ears that hold the brass piece in. The real deal is much better and worth the extra money. Pure junk in my opinion.

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    ww2 sten gun magazine loader

    Posted by JOHN on Jan 20th 2020

    Cheaply made ,appears to be a reproduction that should be in description..