Italian WW2 Samurai Magazine Vest'

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Another First on the U.S. market as Sarco brings you another ‘Kamabee Keep’ item that is as rare as ‘hens teeth’! The WW2 Italian Paratrooper canvas & leather vest referred to as the ‘Samurai’ vest, was a staple of the 185th Parachute Division that was famous for their preparation of the invasion of Malta, and importantly for the 2nd battle of El Alamein where they resisted 4 British Infantry Divisions and 2 Armor Divisions thrown against them. Continued their courageous stands at Monte Casino and after Italy capitulated, they continued with the Germans as the 4th Fallschirmjager Division which fought until May 1945. The entire time, they operated with this smart chest rig that held 5 Beretta M38 magazines on the front and 7 on the back along with 6 grenades on the waist pouches. This vest would still be viable in today's military operations if you inserted body armor plates or Kevlar! Very comfortable and a brilliant design! It is applicable and useful with numerous other sub machine gun magazine like Sten, Thompson, MP40 etc. Normally repro versions although rare as well, are priced at several hundred dollars for this version. We have a limited supply of these at an attractive price!