Springfield 1903A3 4 Groove Barrel


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Can be converted to an '03 barrel by adding an '03 rear sight sleeve!

Brand New!!! Springfield 1903A3 Barrels!

Yes we just received a shipment of high quality 4140, 4-groove barrels with shallow chamber, extractor cut, front sight cut out for base, with a 1 in 10 twist. We had these made with a shallow chamber (.044") to accommodate for receiver variations. In the white and unmarked! Very Limited Availability! 

We have had these barrels shallow chambered to .044” to be workable with receiver variations found with the Springfield Rifle.    Always have a  gunsmith check barrel & receiver installation.

7 Reviews

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    Close, but could be better.

    Posted by Matt on Feb 23rd 2021

    This barrel requires a lot of fitting work to make it work, I like the fact it has A timing mark. However I needed to remove about 45 thousandths from the shoulder to get it to line up on a Remington 03a3. Afterwards the bolt would not close properly, now the coned face needs to be turned down the same measurement. I was happy with how close of a reproduction it is, however original 03a3 barrels have enough leeway that they’d fit without recutting the breachface. I am hoping it is a good shooter once completed, rifling looks Great.

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    Has issues

    Posted by Charles Hunter on Sep 24th 2020

    Have a 1903a3 receiver which needed a barrel although had two original barrels needed them on two other rebuilds am doing. Thought for sure this barrel would be the cats meow. Sent all the parts needed to set up the new barrel to my gun smith. Imagine my disappointment when he calls me to tell me the "barrel will not index" the cut out on the base of the is off and the base of the barrel is "not deep enough," not milled deep enough to do what is needed. So will send back. My new old 1944 barrel is going on it. Definately not my plan of operations

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    1903A3 4 Groove new barrel

    Posted by Matthew Finley on Sep 11th 2020

    I purchased one of these 1903A3 newly manufactured 4 groove barrels and had it installed on one of my Remington 1903A3 receivers. It is the best barrel I have ever used on a 1903A3. The rifle is not bedded nor have anything done to it that it didn't have when issued in 43' other than this barrel and it is shooting .6" groups without even trying handloads. Shoots Winchester 165 grain PowerPoint's into .6" 5 shot groups just using a bag as a rest. I highly recommend these barrels.

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    Barrel issue

    Posted by James Persinger on Aug 3rd 2020

    I seem to be having a fitting issue and I think its the Barrel I tried two different bolts both bolts work in other 1903A3,s i have no problem but with this barrel properly installed it almost will close the bolt but stops,everything is clear all the lugs etc it has to be the fitting of the barrel face and bolt issue and lug recess im going to try to give the barrel one more little turn a smidge and see if that will fix it,otherwise the barrels flawed if this does not take care of it,I have two barrels from them of these fo i may try the other barrel if this does not fix it

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    Nice barrels needed some cleaning up

    Posted by james persinger on May 12th 2020

    Barrels were very nice looks like they were in storage a while the outside needed cleaning and buffing then they were beautiful there,But the inside of the bore needed extensive cleaning,Im not sure what all the black crud was but once it was out I had beautiful rifling and a mint bore! Mirror finish inside.

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    Springfield Barrel

    Posted by Al on Feb 8th 2020

    Looks good - I bought this barrel to replace the worn out one on my 1903A3.

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    1903 A3 barrel

    Posted by kevin on Jan 17th 2020

    beautifully finished barrel. Great value for the cost. Can hardly wait to test fire the rifle and check the accuracy.