M24 German WW2 Stick Grenade (Potato Masher) with Fragmentation Sleeve

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M24 German WW2 Stick Grenade + German WW2 Fragmentation Sleeve
M24 German WW2 Stick Grenade (Potato Masher) (Inert) -
Standard Grenade of the Wehrmacht in WW2. Breaks down into separate components for display. Accurately made inert German M1924 ‘Potato Masher’ grenade with removable base cap. The primary grenade used throughout the war by Infantry. Comes with markings. Excellent for re-enacting or static displays. Real wood lathe turned handle with steel head & cap. Wood and metal construction with individual components. 
German WW2 Fragmentation Sleeve for Stick Grenade -
New made copy of the frag sleeve applied to German Stick Grenades to get a bigger bang and casualty effect when thrown. Sleeve slips over the M24 style can and is retained by steel clips.