Polish WW2 Grenade Inert

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From the annals of WW2 , this grenade was known for its powerful blast effect which could send fragments over 100 meters!. Termed a ‘Defensive Grenade’, it was designed for expansive effects in the open and for use by troops who could remain safe behind walls & foxholes while avoiding the profuse fragments flying through the air.  It utilized a special fuze, Wz 31, which was designed with two blasting caps and two strikers for guaranteed detonation.  Voluminous quantities of these grenades made it out of the depots and into ‘freedom fighters’ hands for use against the German juggernaut as well as the Russian forces on occasion as they pillaged Poland on their own accord. One of the great Polish designs and adopted by several other countries for its reliability.  Our WZ33 grenade is an accurate external profile display piece with quite a hefty weight of @20.5 ozs /@58 grams, and full size. Inert.