French Foreign Legion Mle Hat in dark khaki

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Model 1949 Mle French Foreign Legion style hat in dark khaki canvas.   A standard color used in Indochina over 70 years ago by the Legion.  Well made and rugged in design with its spiraling embroidery, this hat served the Legion into  the 1970s and notable battle theaters of  Indochina / Dien Bien Phu, Algerian War/Battle of Algiers etc. Also widely used through the 1970s/80s by the Israeli Defense Force.   A rugged hat for those who want a bush hat with embroidered quality and toughness.  Fades nicely with age too.  French period markings inside the hat ! 


7-1/4” (59cm) Medium

7-1/2” (60cm) Large

7-5/8” (62cm) XL