Why Ours Is the Best 1911 Mag in the Industry, Bar None

Why Ours Is the Best 1911 Mag in the Industry, Bar None

Jun 15th 2024

This post will shoot as straight as possible. We’re not even going to list the top 1911 mags. There is one singular best entry, and it’s ours.

If you’re not convinced by the end of this post, well, then, keep shopping for a new magazine. If you aren’t satisfied with SARCO’s, we can’t help you.

Corrosion and Wear Resistance

The lengths we’ve gone to develop these 1911 mags are ponderous, and we spared no expense to make them the toughest, best performing mags out there.

They are built on a computer-controlled high speed link press, and the body tooling involves 6 stages, whereas the follower tooling has 16.

This results in an accurate, repeatable, precise process with fewer radical bends that fatigue these critical metal components.

But on top of that, the welding is done on the Yakasawa computer-controlled robotic arm argon welder, and the weld is so fine you can’t even see it.

In addition, the mag body is carburized and nitrided, resulting in exceptional ductility, flexibility, strength, hardness, and resistance to stress fracturing and fatigue.

Moreover, nitrided steel is exceptionally hard and corrosion resistant, making it longer lasting and much easier to maintain than alternatives.

The surface of the mag body is treated to a Rockwell Hardness of around 46 to 48, resisting scuffing, scratching, fatigue, and wear. It also prevents the mag from being deformed as a result of cartridge inertia.

The mags are also processed in a hot bath of sodium hydroxide, nitrates and nitrites, converting the surface to magnetite, further improving strength, wear, and corrosion resistance.

All in all, these are the toughest 1911 mags in the industry, brooking no exceptions.

                             Longer Lasting Springs

Stronger, Longer Lasting Springs

Part of the durability and reliability of any magazine is the spring that actuates it. These are also, almost without exception, the more failure prone points of any magazine.

Regardless of the type of spring, the mag spring is almost universally the first part that fails in the magazine. In many cases, a magazine can be restored to peak performance simply by removing an old fatigued spring and replacing it with a new one.

If you stuff a few of these 1911 mags in your range bag, though, that won’t be happening to you, at least not for a long while. Our mags are equipped with high-tensile-strength mag springs that are tested to 20,000 cycles, which, if you do the math, is more or less 140,000 rounds - 160,000, if you load the chamber before charging the mag.

Easier Mag Charges

In addition to the general durability and long-lasting performance of these 1911 mags, they have also been engineered for smoother mag charges - a huge benefit whether you carry or compete with your 1911.

These magazines feature a dimple on the design that serves as a mag catch override, facilitating easier, smoother, faster mag charges, which can shave time off your reloads - a benefit in any conceivable circumstance.

Superior Feeding

These 1911 magazines are made with a parallel feed lip design that encourages more reliable, more consistent feeding, even of finicky rounds like wadcutters. If you routinely shoot wadcutters, or even hollow points, you won’t find more consistent performance elsewhere.

Superior Components

Many magazines (not just 1911 magazines) are made with flat followers. The thing about flat followers is that, despite the fact that they are simple in design and therefore generally cost-effective to produce, they don’t offer the same performance as rounded followers do.

A rounded follower is (just as the name suggests) rounded, which simulates another round pushing up on it, significantly increasing the consistent and smooth feeding of the magazine.

Nothing against flat followers, and there are plenty of good magazines out there with them, but when it comes to consistency and reliability, it’s worth the slightly extra investment in a magazine with a rounded follower.

Quality Control

                                Longer Lasting Springs

We don’t just claim our 1911 magazines are the best out there. We all but guarantee it with a rigid quality control protocol.

All processes are completed in accordance with MIL-DTL-13924, ASTM-D769, and ISO-11408, and on top of that, our in-house quality control program checks the mags during every step of production using national-standard-compliant quality control gauges to ensure uniformity.

Moreover, our quality control inspection process utilizes video monitoring not only to check, but record, every specification along the way.

Wide Compatibility

Got a single stack 1911? There’s a good chance you can use one of our 1911 magazines with it. SARCO’s 1911 magazine offers wide compatibility with all Government and Commercial 1911 pistols, including the M1911A1, as well as Government Series 70 and 80 pistols.

They are also compatible with many aftermarket 1911 pistols, including a wide range of Rock Island 1911 pistols.


The price, or rather, the lack thereof, is the final, and perhaps most commanding reason that these 1911 mags are simply the best.

At less than half the price of most other competing models, you can get these 7-round, single stack 1911 magazines from our website for under 7 dollars - they’re just $6.95 each.

That is, quite seriously, less than most places will charge you for a 25-round box of .45 ACP nowadays - which is a bargain by any stretch of the imagination.

For under $40, you can add 5 of these to your range bag, and with an anticipated lifespan of more than 100,000 rounds, that’s about as good as it gets.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Except it isn’t, and you can stock up on these here today.

Add Some of These 1911 Mags to Your Range Bag

If your range bag is missing something and you routinely shoot a 1911 or some clone, it may very well be one of these 1911 mags.

There just are no better alternatives in the industry. Get a closer look on our website and if you have any questions about functionality or specification, get in touch with us at 610-250-3960.