1911 Auto Magazine, 7 round

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We have sold probably 150,000 of our price busters, but we decided we need a new & better 1911 mag & we are very pleased with our new program. We have tested our 1st production run and are ready to roll. These are the results of over a year of product development.  

Please check the quality features of our new magazine:
• Produced on a computer controlled high speed link press. This provides a stable platform for progressive dies & uniformity. Body tooling has 6 stages & follower tooling has 16 stages. This assures an accurate & repeatable process with less metal stress, when fewer, less radical bends are made.
• Latest technology parallel feed lip design for proper timed release of cartridge. Special for semi wad cutters, although per technical feed back semi wad cutters may require additional timing.
• Welding is done on a Yasakawa computer controlled robotic arm argon welder. Unlike some .45 mags you can’t see the seam weld on the back.
• In house quality control gages to national standard are used for checking every stage of the production.
• QC inspection involves a 2/5D video measuring machine enabling checking of every specification & keeps the record in memory.
• Springs are tested to 20,000 cycles
• Dimple designed as a mag catch override for easier mag insertion.
• Latest rounded follower design
• Mags are processed in a hot bath of sodium hydroxide, nitrates, & nitrites at 141º centigrade - This converts the surface to “magnetite”.
• All process done under specification of MIL-DTL-13924 & ASTM-D769 & ISO-11408
• The tube is carburized (case hardened) by nitriding (heat treated in a nitrogen atmosphere). This retains a tough core (ductility, flexibility, springiness & resistance to stress fractures) while producing a 46-48 HRC surface hardiness, creating scuff resistance, fatigue & corrosion resistance. Most important, it eliminates any chance for deformation of the front of the mag from cartridge inertia.
• For use in all Gov’t & Commercial 1911 pistols 1911, 1911A1 - Gov’t Series 70, Series 80, commander, Essex, Rock Island, etc. - Also the many, many, many aftermarket 1911’s.

This is half the price of most reasonable .45 mags!

Check out our fabulous tooling 


50 Reviews

  • 5
    1911 7 shot 45ACP magazines

    Posted by Dean Walker on May 18th 2021

    Fantastic magazines... hundreds of rounds and no failures to feed or drop. Wish Sarco would make them in 9mm at the same prices... keep up the good work

  • 5
    1911 7 Round magazine

    Posted by Dean Walker on Apr 23rd 2021

    Excellent magazines, no issues what so ever, Fantastic price as well. Wish they were available in 9mm.

  • 5
    Quality budget Mag

    Posted by Roger Cote on Apr 12th 2021

    I purchased two Sarco 1911 mags to try in my Springfield and Tisas 1911s. Let's just say these mags are great. Loading was stiff at first but after the initial loading there just fine. They drop freely loaded or empty. They feed perfectly and lock the slide after the last round. I will be purchasing more.....

  • 5
    1911 mags

    Posted by Carl Heyrman on Feb 27th 2021

    Don't know what the complaints are about. You clean a gun before you use it so cleaning the mags is a no brainer. Tightened the sides up my vise a little and they drop right out. You tune a gun so why should the mag be different? No feed or locking issues, this is my 2nd order of 10.

  • 5
    45acp magazine

    Posted by Sam on Feb 24th 2021

    Worked great.. will buy more ... no problems of any kind

  • 5
    1911-a1 magazine

    Posted by Sam on Feb 16th 2021

    No problems..worked great..will buy more.

  • 4
    Break in and clean up nicely.

    Posted by Bill P. on Jan 9th 2021

    So, I have owned two of these magazines for over a year. I, like most, had issues with both. They wouldn't drop free of the pistol when empty, the spring was so stiff you could barely load the 7th round, and they would fail to lock the slide open. After a year of taking them to the range, most of these issues have resolved themselves or been addressed. I sanded the finish off of these magazines with 2000 grit sand paper, polishing the sides at the same time and they now freely fall out of the pistol. When I don't take them to the range, the magazines sit under my bedside table loaded with 230 gr hollow points for home defense and over the year has relaxed the spring enough to allow easy loading and lock the slide open. I ordered 7 more magazines so I will have a total of 10 available in my safe fully loaded. While I don't care for the 7 round capacity and having to break in the magazine in, but for the price I will bump my previous review up to 4 stars. Definetly worth the price after the break in period

  • 4
    A little fitting needed

    Posted by DEREK S HALL on Aug 14th 2020

    Had to "break in" to properly fit pistol. Most other mags fit out of the box. First time had mag stick.

  • 3

    Posted by SFC Bernard Duane Offley USA Ret on Aug 12th 2020