SARCO’s Holiday Gift Guide (Featuring Customer Favorites and Top Sellers)

SARCO’s Holiday Gift Guide (Featuring Customer Favorites and Top Sellers)

Jan 4th 2023

Got someone in your life that’s a gun nut and you’re not sure what to get them?

Looking for creative ideas for a shooter in the family?

Check out some of these options, many of which are bestsellers from our website. From ammo cans to 1911 accessories, they all make great gifts.

1. 1911 Auto Magazine (7 Round)

                                                       1911 accessory

If you know someone with a single-stack 1911, this is probably the best gift you can get them, hands down. It’s better than a random 1911 accessory or attachment that you won’t know if they’ll use.

Our 7-round 1911 auto magazine is one of our bestselling items, period, for a reason. Actually, there are several reasons.

It’s the result of over a year of product development and features construction with fewer radical bends and stress points, superior welds, a parallel feed lip, a rounded follower, and a spring tested to 20,000 cycles.

For the money, it just has to be one of the best 1911 accessories out there, period.

And, at less than $8, you can get three or more of these and really stuff the stockings!

2. M1 Garand Clips

What can we say about our hottest-selling batch of M1 Garand clips? They’re not exciting, but they get the job done, and they cost less than $2 each.

If you know a Garand fanatic, this is one of the most practical and thoughtful gifts you can buy.

And, at the price, you might as well get a whole load of them. Bulk discounts are also available, so contact us for details.

3. On that note, magazines

Since our first two suggestions were a mag and a clip, we have to take this opportunity to say that magazines also make excellent gifts for shooters.

Just make sure you get a spare pistol or rifle magazine compatible with the firearm platform and caliber. If you have any doubts, contact us for details.

4. Eye and hearing protection

Again, not too exciting, but highly practical. Every range that we know of requires eye and hearing protection in order to even approach the firing line, and you can never have too many sets of ear plugs.

Better yet, get a good pair of headphones for the range. They’re more comfortable and practical than plugs.

5. Gun cleaning kits

                  1911 accessory

The great thing about gun cleaning kits is you don’t really need to know what sort of gun the recipient has in order to make a good gift.

Most kits will come with brushes, mops, and jags that are compatible with several different calibers. Just make sure the kit comes with patches, a gun cleaning rod, adapters, and cleaning jags, and it’s pretty much a sure bet.

6. Gun tools

There are all different sorts of different gun tools you can buy, from universal gun tools to range tools, choke wrenches, and sight adjustment tools. If you know what platform the recipient has, getting a tool specific to that platform is a very thoughtful gift.

7. Cleaning mats

Cleaning mats make thoughtful gifts, too, especially in conjunction with gun cleaning kits. Another thoughtful stocking stuffer is a magnetic tray. These are useful for preventing the loss of small ferrous hardware and can be purchased for a few dollars at most hardware stores and automotive parts outlets.

8. Snap caps

Snap caps and dummy rounds make practical gifts because, despite what you might think, they are not novelties and can be used for training purposes, such as responsible handling, dry fire drills, or to ascertain the smooth feeding of a magazine after cleaning.

9. Speedloaders

For people that shoot a lot, magloaders are a godsend and a range bag essential. These devices simplify the process of loading mags, are more comfortable to use, and can even prevent stress to magazines, including damage to feed lips.

10. Targets

Just like magloaders, targets are indispensable to those with a subscription to range therapy. High visibility targets make even better gifts, as they can show you where your shot landed without the need to break out the binoculars.

11. Gun cases

               1911 accessory

Gun cases and rifle covers are indispensable for organizing and storing range essentials, and most importantly, for protecting a firearm during travel. You can really never have too many and they make thoughtful gits for gun owners.

12. Ammo cans or range bags

The great thing about ammo cans and range bags is you don’t need to know what the recipient shoots - they’re all great gifts and some of them even feature durable aluminum or steel construction as well as a gasket to make them waterproof.

Range bags are also a good gift, and give shooters a place to store all their tools, cleaning accessories, magazines, and other range accessories during travel to and from the range.

13. Educational materials

If you have a friend or family member that’s a collector, gun value guides make great gifts. Hunters and competition shooters that cast their own bullets or load their own cartridges might also make good use of a handloading manual.

14. Anything gun-related

Finally, anything else pro-2A or gun-themed makes a good gift for shooters. Bumper stickers, decals, wall signs, hats, lighters, and pens that are 2A or shooting-themed make nice mementos and stocking stuffers.

Find It Here at SARCO

Shopping for the shooter in your life can be tough, especially when you can’t tell the difference between a Colt and Rock Island 1911 part.

We’re here to help, though. If you have any questions about anything we sell, get in touch with us at 610-250-3960 and we’ll be happy to help.