Pistol Magazines for Sale and Break-in: What to Know

Pistol Magazines for Sale and Break-in: What to Know

Jul 10th 2024

Have you ever noticed how a new gun’s action tends to be a little stiff, even gritty, perhaps?

Did you notice how that changed after a few hundred rounds?

It’s because the action broke in. A broken-in action will be smoother and more fluid than a new one, all things considered.

The same applies to pistol magazines for sale. These need to be broken in, too.

What Do You Mean Pistol Magazines for Sale Need to Be Broken in?

A new pistol magazine is a lot like a new pair of boots. Stiff, uncomfortable, and not quite a joy to utilize.

But, like boots, after you’ve put a few proverbial “miles” in them, a pistol mag will be as slick as a broken in action.

A well-worn, properly-fitted, broken-in pair of boots fit and wear like slippers. A well-worn, broken-in pistol magazine will run fluidly and smoothly.

It has to do with a few things. One is the fitment of the pistol magazine itself to the gun. A new magazine might engage the mag catch and release roughly, making charges a little less than consistent, and drops a little stiff or sticky.

The other has to do with feeding itself. Rough feed lips can cause jams or result in slightly rougher cycling.

The solution to these (albeit mild) issues is to break in all new pistol magazines. There are two ways to do this. One way is natural, the other is forced.

Fine. How Do I Break the Mag in?

The organic way to break in pistol magazines that are new is just to use them. Load them, charge them, shoot them at the range, and drop them, and after a few cycles - as few as tens of cycles - they’ll start to charge, feed, and drop more smoothly.

Then there are the artificial break in processes. First, you can charge and drop the mag a few times to break in the fit between the mag catch and the mag release. Do this with an empty mag a few times - say, 20 to 30, and you should start to feel a difference. That said, for some mags it might take a bit more time.

You can also load snap caps into the magazine, charge the mag, and then manually rack the slide to feed and eject all the snap caps. This will help break in the mag even more.

One thing you might notice here is that the mag feels a little “sticky” with respect to how it feeds.

All else being equal, it could be that the inside of the mag’s feed lips are a little rough. This is easy enough to rectify.

Get some fine sandpaper - say between 600 and 800 grit - and lightly sand the inside of the feed lips. Less is more here, all you want to do is polish them slightly.

The resultant smoother surface should make it easier for the cartridges to feed from the mag, resulting in smoother, more consistent feeding and fewer rough hangups.

Remember this whenever you are shopping through a collection of pistol magazines for sale. It is not uncommon - and in fact it is quite natural - for new magazines to be a little stiff and sticky when you first get them.

This is due in part to the tight tolerances manufacturers need to uphold when producing magazines. Magazines need to be precisely the right dimensions in order to function properly, sometimes a bit to their detriment when new.

And so, they need to be broken in - just like a gun’s action or a new pair of boots - before they will perform at their most optimal.

It’s not a defect. It’s just part and parcel of breaking in pistol magazines.

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