WWII Italian Model 1938 Carcano Folding Bayonet, New Manufacture

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Italian Carcano Model 1938 Short Rifle “folding bayonet”. Marvelous design intended so that the bayonet could remain on the rifle and retain a lower signature when not in use. Born out of the long hot arduous campaign in Ethiopia, the troops clamored for lighter gear and this ushered in a move to reduce weight and size of bayonets. Upon enemy contact, a push button could be pressed and the blade swung into locking position. A favorite of Paratroopers in both the Rifle and SMG version. While folded, the knife became a very convenient utility knife as only 3-5/8” of the blade protruded beyond the handle. Otherwise when the blade was extended on the gun, the blade was 7” long which also made it a very good size for hand to hand fighting. These were highly coveted and so few are on the surplus market that they command very high prices. You may also see these referred to as bayonets for the Mannlicher - Carcano Short Rifle in many reference books. Needless to say this bayonet saw combat service in the WW2 Italian campaign and in the Ruso-FIn war. Sarco brings this rare piece of history to you at an affordable price!