Viking & Celt Brass Neck Ring

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Worn by Celts and Norsemen recorded back as far as 1200 BC to 600 AD. Sometimes referred to as a neck Torc or Torque, these rings are worn on the base of the neck  and were considered imbued with powers of independence for the free born, warrior status, and an earthly connection with deities. Worn by both women and men.




2 Reviews

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    Viking Neck Ring

    Posted by Robert Soechting on Jun 6th 2020

    Bulky and heavy, not lightweight or dainty at all. Masculine piece of jewelry like a warrior would wear. Excellent value.

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    Brass Torq

    Posted by Thomas C. Roach on Jan 30th 2020

    I received a coper & brass Torq and couldn't believe the quality, not junk honest Viking jewlery. I have book Viking World and in there they showed 3 Torq with a wolf head on each end Exactly like the ones I purchased from here. They are heavy stiff braid and are worth this price and more.