V40 Hooch Popper Grenade

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Newly made V40 Grenade. The V40 Grenade was originally manufactured in Holland.  During the Vietnam War, these were  purchased by the CIA / Counter Insurgency Support Office, on Okinawa which distributed them in support of clandestine and active Special Forces projects to include supplies drawn for SEAL, MAC-SOG, Green Berets, Force Recon & CIDG .   About the size of a golf ball, this grenade sported a 4 second fuze & 4.8 oz. weight with a 5 meter casualty radius though the fragmented pieces flew much further. At 4.8 oz weight, a person could carry over 3 of these to every M26 Lemon Grenade that they might otherwise carry. Also easy to throw much further than a conventional offensive grenade. MAC-SOG ran very ‘lean and mean’ and the weight difference was significant for their operators who needed lethal distraction devices more than standard offensive grenades. Still used by U.S. operators into the 2000s ! Almost impossible to find inert versions in ‘collectors’ hands.