My Medic Ready Pocket First Aid Kit

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My Medic's all-new Ready Pocket First Aid Kit will help you keep the essentials with you wherever you go. Small enough to stash in your car, attach to your bag, or carry in your purse.

Ready Collection Features Include:

  • Color-coded, injury-specific MODs
  • Sleek, portable, water-resistant case
  • Straps on top and back of bag for enhanced functionality

2 Kokos Drink Mixes

Delicious & hydrating blend of electrolytes and natural energy for exercise and on-the-go

Blister MOD

MOD Contains:
- 3 Pieces of SuperSkin Blister Strips

Mini Burn MOD

MOD contains:
-3 Burn Gel 3.5g

Mini Medication MOD

MOD contains:
- Ibuprofen
- Aspirin
- Diotame
- Medi-Meclizine
- Diphen
- Cold & Flu Med

Mini Topical MOD

MOD contains:
- Antiseptic Wipe
- Hand Sanitizer
- Triple Antibiotic
- Lip Balm
- Sunscreen
- White Petrolatum
- Hydrocortisone
- Oral Pain Relief
- Friction Frosting


1 pair of disposable gloves

5 Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Helps prevent and treat most minor skin infections

5 Antiseptic Wipes

Cleans cuts, scrapes and burns

1"x3" SuperSkin Bandage 30 pack

Pack Contains:
- 30 1"x3" Assorted Color SuperSkin Bandages

Digital Stay Alive Guide

Download card for the First Aid and Survival guide