Military Kukri Knife, 12 inch

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This knife comes with a black leather scabbard and two small "skinning" knives.

The fierce Gurkha soldiers are the elite fighting troops of the Indian army.  Their very presence on the field of battle will often cause an enemy  to fear for his life, due to the blood thirsty reputation of these powerful fighters. Every Gurkha carries a Khukuri (kukri) knife which he can use in deadly hand-to-hand combat. The Khukuri's razor edge could end the fight quickly, effectively slicing the enemy in two. We now have a nice selection of Khukuri knives. Each knife comes in a black leather scabbard with two small "skinning" knives mounted on the scabbard. Military 12 inch Khukuri. Has heavier blade scabbard.

3 Reviews

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    These are cheap cheap metal

    Posted by Harley Vermilyea on Jul 5th 2020

    you must make it a knife, Large INDIA on non showed side of the want to be knife.Done with a dremel tool. stay away unless you want a safety knife that is just metal with no sharp of any kind. also no response from sarco

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    not all items received

    Posted by ernest haist on Jun 26th 2020

    i tried to call customer service with no answer and even tried to email with no response. the item didn't come with the 2 smaller knives that were in the description.

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    military kukri knife, 12inch

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 9th 2020

    The knife was ok. You get what you pay for two small knives were a joke With a lot of honing I think the knife will be of good quality.