M19 60mm Paratroop Mortar U.S. WWII

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WW2 U.S. M19 60mm PARATROOP MORTAR  (non-firing display)

U.S.  Marine Raider and Army Airborne units benefited from a light 60mm mortar assembly rushed to the front in 1942.  Roughly a 20 lb. mortar, this allowed a savings of 25+ lbs. over the standard M2 mortar, and allowed for more ammo to be carried. Paratroops learned how to utilize it by aiming with the M15 sight as used on the M1 Garand grenade launcher and by using a degree of ‘Kentucky Windage’ to walk rounds on top of the enemy at places like Bougainville, Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, Operation Husky, etc.  Also significant use occurred in Korea and Vietnam. Our non-firing steel replica uses the original WW2 issue baseplate and M15 sight assembly with a new made undersized I.D. tube and non-functional ball and cap assy. with lanyard latch firing  lever. First time available in the United States!  Mortar only.  Supplies are very limited.