M14E2 Rifle Stock Stripped

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So difficult to find and commanding a very high value when you can find one, we decided to have the M14E2 stock manufactured in American Beech with a hardness rating of 1,300., on the uniform Janka hardness test. This exceeds the hardness of Walnut and Birch, the latter of which was utilized during the Vietnam War on M14 stocks. Fully inletted and ready for attaching hardware, this stock vastly improves control of the rifle, ergonomics, aesthetics, and value! These stocks are unstained and ready to have the barreled receiver installed. As with all new gun stocks, there may be some slight fitting/sanding required for the perfect fit. Stock is furnished without hardware. Sarco will have most of the hardware including the front vertical adjusting grip, available separately by the end of the summer.  We also expect to have the correct slotted  M14E2 handguards by Fall. The M14E2 stock will ensure that  shooting your M1A1 or M14, will be an entirely new experience with a greater deal of comfort and controllability in semi auto.