M1 Garand M1923 WWII Style U.S. Cartridge Belt

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The standard 10-pocket cartridge belt as used during WWII to carry .30-06 ammo for the M1 Garand and M1903 Springfield rifles. Each belt has 10 individual pockets which can hold two 5 round stripper clips or one M1 Garand 8 round clip of ammo. The pocket flaps are secured with typical lift-the-dot fasteners. Belts are adjustable for waist size, and each belt has many metal grommets for attaching G.I. bayonet scabbards or other items of field gear. Nicely marked "US" on the front pocket. Belts are made from a heavy web material, dyed the proper greenish color. Our belts are in new condition, of recent manufacture to copy exactly the old original belts.

6 Reviews

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    M1 clip carrier

    Posted by THOMAS A BENDER on Jan 27th 2021

    Very pleased with the ammo belt. Put some WD-40 on the snaps - easy to work. Good value

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    Exactly as it was represented

    Posted by Kevin Sur on Aug 7th 2020

    Exactly as it was represented, adjustable belt, pockets held full clips. Very happy with purchase.

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    M1 Garand 1923 WWII style U.S. Cartridge Belt

    Posted by Tom Kelly on Aug 5th 2020

    I bought two of these, very high quality belts for field use with my M1s, Good quality and heavy duty materials these are VERY nice belts for the money. I'm a 46" waist, and if you run the center belts all the way to the buckles on both sides it fit me comfortably.

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    Item appears well made and functionally correct.

    Posted by Pete on Jul 21st 2020

    Would recommend to purchase.

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    Good Quality for the price. Has GI style buckle instead of Plastic Snap.

    Posted by Sid on Jul 17th 2020

    Would buy again and have

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    Posted by Na on Jul 9th 2020

    still waiting