Japanese Arisaka Cut Receivers - 1 Set

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1 Set of Cut Arisaka Receivers
We located some mixed WW2 Japanese Arisaka Rifles in South East Asia, but were required to cut the receivers and barrels by the host country. We have brought in some of the cut receivers and can offer a front & back portion. A nice piece of history!

2 Reviews

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    Arisaka Receivers

    Posted by Auguste Steinwald on Jul 20th 2021

    I ordered three of these sets, and am very pleased! I got three front sections and three rear sections, although none of them matched. Here's what I got: Front sections: a Kokura 24th series type 99 short rifle, a Tokyo Juki Kogyo 37th series type 99 short rifle, and a Kokura 23rd series type 38 rifle. Rear sections: two Nagoya type 99s, and a type 38. They cleaned up very well. A very neat piece of history.

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    parts delivered in mismatched type

    Posted by WEILI HSIEH on Apr 16th 2021

    This is supposed to be one set of type99 cut receiver.( JAP9918) The front section delivered is of type38 and the rear one is of type99. If you want to place an order, please keep your fingers crossed. Mistakes might happen. Not sure it's due to inventory bin error or human error in order picking. Good luck.