German Artillery Luger Denix Non Firing Display

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Classic stream lined design with greater accuracy and accessory add-ons, made this a formidable weapon. Especially fielded by Officers and NCOs in Artillery units, Aviation units, and infantry Sturmtruppen units, this pistol had an 8 inch barrel and tangent rear sight that was incrementally set up to shoot out to 800 yards. Only an Artillery man could figure out how a 9mm bullet would cause effect at that range! Truly one of the premier pistols of WWI and saw limited use in WW2. This full size, non-firing display gun is made from metal and has cross hatched hard wood grips. The gun can be cocked and trigger pulled, magazine released by way of the mag. catch. You would swear it was real!
(This replica is full size , but  does not connect to shoulder board stocks)

Wood Grips

Realisitc Action

Length: 13.7"