Flechettes Pack, US Military (2oz pack/100+pcs)

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Used through the ages to destabilize columns of Infantry, our Govt. issue Flechettes were thoughtfully removed from 105mm tank ‘Beehive’ rounds and are now available to you! @25mm long, these and similar sized Flechettes were used through the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War in Artillery, Tank, and 12 Ga. shotgun rounds. Shotgun rounds usually stabilized them with a metal disc and rounds held 10-20 Flechettes. Preferred as much as 00 buckshot by GIs!. Vietnam era. Tankers loved them for ‘Backscratch’ missions. Sold as relics.



Historically used through the ages for defense, these 1 inch long Flechette Darts were thoughtfully saved from Beehive munitions.