CIA Contract Ordnance Pouches

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Used for carrying an array of magazines and explosives, these canvas 3 – cell pouches were made for covert troops in the late 50s/ early 60s. Three blocks of TNT/Plastique or an array of different weapon Carbine/ SMG magazines could be held in place by the three individual pouches. Additionally an accessory pouch was attached to the right side and on the back was a pouch for a cleaning rod set. Each of the three main pouches could hold 2 San Cristobal or 2 M1 Carbine 30rd. magazines or 2 MAC 10, Thompson, or 25 rd /32 rd. Uzi magazines etc. Would work with holding 3- 30rd. M16 magazines too. The utility of this contract item was for a multi-purpose pouch available for a range of military uses within the parameters of what arms were expected to be supplied at the time. Fasteners were lift the dot type, but interestingly had no markings on them. Colors of fabric were several shades of Olive Drab/Khaki, both light and dark. Two belt loops on back and a shoulder strap were attached. We have found these with various writing on them, but with no manufacturer information. Some were said to have come from overseas holdings of the old United Fruit Company, yet others were obtained with Owen SMG Magazines from a consortium of Rubber Plantations in South East Asia and yet others out of Pakistan. Also supplied to us, ‘as issued’ for the Bay of Pigs / Brigade 2506, but have not confirmed that. While they last.