British 410 Musket Ammo 10 Pack

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We have a limited amount of original .410 Ball ammunition as produced for the converted Enfield .410 Rifle. Essentially a #1Mk3 that had been re-bored for use of a .410 round in both Ball and Shotshell. Complex load incorporating multiple wads, powder, ball, and brass case with Berdan primer. This rifle was used throughout the British Empire from districts in Pakistan to Bangladesh with most ammunition produced in Pakistan and India. This ammunition was manufactured in 1960 at POF, sealed in packages of 10rds each, and double sealed in wood bound tin cases. Bound to accrue in value, this ammo is sold as collector cartridges in 10 packs. We cannot guarantee that you will not incur a misfire due to the age of the ammunition if you decide to use it. Historically, the British issued the converted guns to police cadres and it was used in some military units during the Waziristan and Mohmand Campaigns in the 1930s by Nowshera and Peshawar Brigades. Ball ammo was primarily issued for mortal combat whereas the shotshell version of ammo was used for crowd control. Our supply is quite limited…


Original 410 musket ammo.

Order 18 packs (180 rds.) and they will come in the original ammo crate.

Sold as collectors ammo only, may have misfires.




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Call for large quantities.
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