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These are all of the parts except the receiver for the early model 7.62mm Italian BM59SL rifle. This rifle is essentially a standard M1 Garand semi-automatic that has been modified to use 20 rd. BM59 magazines, and has been chambered for 7.62mm Nato ammunition. It retains the well proven Garand sights, trigger mechanism and as system, while doing away with the 8 round Garand clip in favor of a 20 round detachable box magazine. These parts sets can be assembled on an M1 Garand receiver which will require a few modifications to accept the new feed system. Parts are in very good condition, bores are nice. These kits come with an original barrel and magazine.

3 Reviews

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    Posted by charles deilke on Oct 15th 2021

    Ordered this and a builders kit. Both buttstocks new cond both mags like new. BBL nice. Only disappointment with kit was the number of repro parts was expecting all BM59 surplus parts. repro parts...Complete Chinese rear sight assy, lower band, buttplate assy, Safety, Hammer. Everything was completely in parts no assembled trigger group or bolt.

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    Nice kit!

    Posted by Thomas Courtney on Feb 22nd 2021

    Nice kit, italian barrel, and some GI marked garand components. Looks like it will make a nice build! Came with both a NOS bm59 stock, and an italian 308 garand stock so I can build either way!

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    Missing 2 Magazines, Buttplates, 7/4 Discount

    Posted by Vaughn on Jul 21st 2020

    I bought July 4th Sale. Used JULY2020 discount code. Bought two kits. My kits are missing the two 20rd magazines(legal in NC so no excuse) and the two buttplates(all the metal is in a "bulk" plastic bag). I did not receive the 5% or free shipping despite using the code. I sympathize with SARCO, but I hadn't opened the box in case SARCO wanted the order back- because they charged me what should have been a discounted order.