Why the Market for M14 Parts Was - and Remains - Strong

Why the Market for M14 Parts Was - and Remains - Strong

Jun 30th 2021

The M14 is a classic battle rifle that has been in service, in some form or other, since 1959. Developed and issued to replace the M1 Garand as the standard issue service rifle for many American troops, the M14 was slightly lighter, had a larger, detachable magazine, and offered selective fire.

It was also chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, very similar to .308 Winchester, which means that, for its part, the felt recoil of the M14 and variants like the M1A are significantly less than the M1 Garand, which fired heavier, more powerful .30-06 Springfield cartridge.

Now, to be clear, not everyone loves the M14. In fact, some people strongly dislike it and the constant need for attention that accompanies the platform wherever it goes. Regardless, due to its central place in American history, the fact that they are widely available in civilian models like ht

The Last of Its Kind

Today, it’s very rare to see large, half-stocked rifles with traditional appeal in the hands of servicemen, and when they are seen in such a fashion, more often than not the reason they are carried is ceremonial. The M14 was the last such rifle of its kind that was widely issued before the M16 was developed and released.

The M16, which is compatible with 30 round magazines, is lighter and more nimble than the M14, and has been manipulated into designs that are more compatible with a wider range of accessories, making it highly effective as a battle weapon. It’s also reliable and extremely tough, lacking the more sensitive natural components of the M14. The M16 itself widely influenced the development and production of sporting rifles like the AR-15 that are so infamously popular as civilian arms.

As a result, the M14, which retains the classic styling of previously issued service rifles like the M1 and M1903, was the last of its kind. That gives it something of a mystique as it heralded the end of an era among military arms, signalling the transition to the more modern, more durable “assault rifles” like the M16 and FAL that would dominate the modern military scene ever afterward, including up to the present day.

However, the M14, despite its shortcomings, is still a popular civilian rifle, enabling the market for M14 and M1A parts to remain lucrative. In fact, we still maintain a dedicated category here at SARCO, Inc., for M14 parts, because of how prevalent it remains in the minds of the American public.

Military Issued, Civilian Appreciated

Despite the fact that the M14 itself was military issued, interested civilians can generally pick one up off the surplus market, and even for those for whom sourcing prevents a challenge, variants like the M1A were expressly modeled for civilians who were looking to mirror the capabilities of the original platform.

Naturally, the M14 is of value to civilian shooters because of its historical value. It needs little introduction and was in service for over a decade, from 1959 to 1970, seeing action on the battlefields in significant conflicts. It also fires a readily available round, the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, which is typically easy to find at shops and very affordable, especially in bulk - the present ammo crisis notwithstanding.

Some owners complain that the M14 requires too much maintenance and that accuracy will suffer when the firearm has not been properly maintained. To be fair, the same can be said of most any firearm, and the M14 is built with extremely durable steel components and a reliable action that will perform admirably, regardless of the conditions of the climate or circumstances.

It’s also been noted that many M14 rifles have both excellent sights and triggers, both of which are requisite in a rifle for target shooting or hunting. Speaking of which, the performance of the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge is very similar to the .308 Winchester, making these rifles suitable where legal for nearly all game in North America.

In other words, simplicity of design, durability of components and wide applicability of use all have resulted in a rifle that is not going anywhere, anytime soon, and by extension, the demand for M14 parts remains high and steady.

The M14, and Thus the Need for M14 Parts, Are Not Going Anywhere

Even with proper care and attention, an M14 rifle that has seen many years of service, either in the hands of a civilian shooter or a soldier, is going to need some extra TLC from time to time. In other words, M14 parts, cleaning accessories, and the like. If you’re missing a part of your action, need a new trigger group, your stock has succumbed to dry rot or your barrel has seen better days, we can help you breathe new life into your M14 rifle. Just be sure to check our collection of M14 parts first, and get in touch with us at 610-250-3960 if you have any questions about repair or replacement.