Why a Parts Kit Is a Valuable Investment

Why a Parts Kit Is a Valuable Investment

Feb 10th 2021

Sarco, Inc. may be your preferred supplier of antique and collectible firearms, accessories and ammo, holsters, gun slings, unique gun tools and maintenance supplies and militaria, but there’s something else we offer that is highly valuable to our customers. It’s even valuable to the customers that don’t know its value yet.

That thing in question is a gun parts kit, and believe it or not, it’s one of the most valuable additions you can make to your collection of accessories, that is, if you are in the habit of restoring, repairing or generally using firearms.

A kit is not only an avenue to a rewarding form of recreation. It is also a method for acquiring new skills and information, and most importantly, it will keep you well stocked with the parts and little pieces you may not even have known you needed until something went wrong.

●Create custom builds: The first thing you can do with a kit is create a custom build. At least, even if the kit itself doesn’t give you the ability to create a custom build, while you’re working on assembling and adjusting, you can easily swap other parts in and out. Plus, it’s easier to make changes to the platform along the way while you’re in the process of working on it.

●Become more familiar with the workings of the platform: This is actually one of the most important benefits of a parts kit if it isn’t simply downright the most important. A lot of gun owners need to go off to the gunsmith simply because they don’t know how their guns work inside and can’t figure out what to fix, adjust or replace when something goes wrong. Well, that’s pretty much impossible if you build your gun from a kit. Build your firearm from the ground up and it will be almost impossible not to know how the internals work. It doesn’t mean you need to make your own repairs, but you’ll probably be able to if you decide to take that route.

●Make fine adjustments to performance: The performance of many autoloading firearms can be altered by making adjustments to (or replacing) the bolt carrier group. Many precision handguns and rifles have triggers that are easily adjustable so that you can finely tailor their performance. Making adjustments to a firearm is easier if you’re building or have already built the gun, because you’ll know how everything is put together. That, or you can just make the customization while you’re putting everything together in the first place.

●Always have spares on hand: Another great thing about a parts kit, one of the greatest things, actually, is the fact that if you keep a kit around you will almost certainly always have spares on hand. Also, it’s not like anyone can predict the failure of any given piece of equipment. You don’t wake up and think “Today I will accidentally dry fire my pistol at the range and break my firing pin.” It just happens, but if you had a parts kit at home, you could fix the issue without too much fuss.

●Enjoy the process: One more thing to love about a parts kit is that it will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy a pleasant, reflective recreation. Anyone who loves working with their hands will probably get something out of creating their own firearm from the ground up. Or from the frame up, however you want to look at it.

●It’s economical: While there are arguments that could be made for or against the idea of making a gun from a kit, it can be argued that depending on how you shop and what kind of deal you can secure, building from a kit can save you money. Besides, even if it doesn’t save you money outright, what can be said about the value of the experience?

Questions? Call Us!

Still considering picking up a parts kit even after this glowing recommendation? Perhaps you still have questions about what the differences are between some of our kits. It’s true that not every kit has every single piece you need to complete a build, and with all the parts in the mix it can get confusing.

Whatever your questions are, we’re here to answer them. In fact, that’s why we're here, and helping our customers come up with creative solutions for their problems is what gets us up in the morning.

Give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help you out. Whether it’s a question about what needs to be replaced, a question on how to make a replacement, or just a question about a piece of equipment itself, we’ll help you with it. We have complete kits for many popular platforms, including 1911 pistol kits, AR15/M16 kits and other rifle parts kits, and much more.