What Do Shooters Love about Para Ordnance Pistols?

What Do Shooters Love about Para Ordnance Pistols?

Apr 6th 2021

Para Ordnance, perhaps more properly known by its official name, Para USA, LLC, was actually a Canadian company specializing in the production of M1911 style pistols and parts that once had (and in some places still does have) a strong following among shooters. The company is now defunct; it was bought by Remington in 2015 and ceased operations. However, that doesn’t discourage some conscientious shooters from continuing to use their old Para pistols, or to source parts for them. But why are these owners so adamant?

There are two ways to approach this question with an answer. One is by taking a look at what makes 1911 pistols themselves so popular. Heavy, sturdy, often made with solid steel frames and slides, 1911 pistols are dependable and durable and with proper care will literally almost last forever. There are 1911s around today that are contemporaries of the originals. Those of them that have been well-maintained still work just like they used to.

You can also address the popularity of the originally M1911 on the basis of functionality in addition to durability and reliability. Often chambered in .45 ACP, this pistol can provide conscientious gun owners with a lot of stopping power from this hard hitting round. Most 1911 pistols also feature a single piece trigger that only moves in one direction - straight backward - providing for a more predictable break.

This model of pistol also has a narrow profile and so it is ideal for some practitioners of concealed carry. Pair that up with the endless supply of compatible and aftermarket parts designed for 1911 variants and you have a pistol that refuses to die.

That explains why the original 1911 and subsequent variants were and are so popular. But what does it have to do with Para?

Well, for one thing, Para Ordnance is, to those who recognize the name, basically synonymous with 1911 variants. What has made them so popular for so long, even after they ceased to be produced, can basically be assigned to any of the following categories:

-The same basic draws as original M1911 pistols: Many Para pistols have some of the same basic features that other 191 variants had, such as a trigger that travels only in one direction as well as all-metal design and rock-solid frames.

-Additional features that improve functionality: Naturally, the additional features that a Para Ordnance pistol will possess will vary according to the model, but some of them have some of these features:

-11-degree muzzle crown protection: Some Para 1911-style pistols have 11-degree muzzle crown protection that guards the crowning on the rifling against impact and damage. This is vital to securing the accuracy of the gun, especially in hard use situations.

-A cutout window for viewing the chamber: Some models also have a small cutout window for viewing the chamber so you can see if the firearm is loaded or without opening the slide.

-Undercut trigger guards: A simple feature, but a valuable one; this gives the shooter the ability to take a higher and more secure grip on the pistol.

These features will vary according to the model in question, but it was not uncommon for Para Ordnance pistols to incorporate novel, additional functionality into their handguns.

-Price: Price is another reason that Para pistols have been so popular throughout the years is because they were so affordable. Their prices today fluctuate with the limited supply, but depending on where you find a deal, a Para just might be your best entry point for a “new” 1911.

-Reliability and durability: Just like the original M1911, Para Ordnance has gathered a loyal following and an unshakeable reputation as a producer of rock-solid, dependable handguns that won’t quit. Sounds like the M1911, doesn’t it?

-Customization and availability of parts: There’s something else that makes these pistols so popular, and it’s the fact that the supply of parts for them is mostly the same as the supply of parts for other 1911 variants. That is to say, the supply is endless. Many Para USA and Ordnance pistols are compatible with other 1911 parts like magazines and mounts. That means that you can customize them just as finely as you’d be able to do with an original 1911, except in many cases, but a fraction of the price.

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