We Have the 1911 45 Magazine You’ve Been Looking For - and More

We Have the 1911 45 Magazine You’ve Been Looking For - and More

Jun 5th 2020

The M1911 may just very well be the definitive handgun, period. Developed and produced to counteract the shortcomings of the standard issue revolvers with which American soldiers were using right at the beginning of the last century, the M1911 was an immediate hit. An autoloader, it was just about as quick as the revolvers it replaced, had a higher capacity, and was chambered in the much more capable .45 ACP. It had significantly more stopping power than its predecessors, was reliable, built on a nearly indestructible platform, and had a lot of other features that shooters then and now have come to love. It was an immediate success at its release, and it has given up little if any of the limelight at all in the years since. We are now over a hundred years removed from the introduction of the original M1911, and it is as popular now as it was then - if not more.

There’s no shortage of things to love about the M1911, regardless of which of the many adaptations you are the proud owner. The 1911 has a solid metal frame, which, with the proper care, will last effectively forever. Because of that construction, it is amazingly tough as well. Moreover, the trigger is designed to travel in only one direction which can make it more predictable and thus, easier to train with. Something else a lot of shooters will appreciate is the fact that the profile of the platform is slim and fairly light and can be easily carried or concealed. There are not a lot of sharp angles to hang up on clothing and the handgun is impressively ergonomic. Then, of course, there are the virtues of the .45 ACP cartridge with which it was originally, and is still prevalently, paired. The strength of such cartridges alone could fill the pages of a book.

Moreover, through the years, the M1911 platform has been endlessly modified and adapted, built with a myriad of new features and accommodating almost any cartridge you could imagine. It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular, practical and versatile handguns that has ever been produced in history, period. Enough has been said on that matter.

Therefore, if you find yourself to be the proud owner of a 1911, that is an unsurprising fact. Whether you are a historical collector, a competition shooter or just a defense minded citizen, you will find equal practicality for an M1911 of some make or other. What follows, unsurprisingly, is that you will find a periodic need for supporting products and accessories to make your life as a 1911 owner easier.

Whether you are a competition shooter with a need for cleaning accessories, someone who just needs a spare 1911 45 magazine, a new pair of scales or grips for your pistol, or some more esoteric accessory, from time to time these needs will arise. Moreover, due to the popularity of the M1911, most of the time it can be pretty easy to find supporting supplies and accessories for your shooting recreation.

That being said, you’ll always want to be on the lookout for a deal, and at the same time, it can be convenient to get all of your accessories from the same place. While you today you might need a 1911 45 magazine, in a few weeks you may have a more pressing need for parts for repairs. As popular as the M1911 is, it can sometimes be a chore to find parts like a recoil spring or a hammer assembly, and when those things need to be replaced, there’s no beating around the bush.

That’s why we invite you to take a look through our catalog of 1911 parts and accessories that you can conveniently find right here on our website. There’s only one way to say this, and it's directly: we have a massive collection of necessities and hard to find parts for all different versions of Model 1911 pistols. In fact, we pride ourselves on the breadth of our collection, and it ranges far beyond the commonplace.

You’ll have no trouble finding a spare 1911 45 magazine on our website - but for those times when you need specialty parts besides a 1911 magazine that are tough to source and you might not even see listed, we welcome you to call us. Our experience in the industry is without rival, and we keep more parts and accessories for more models of firearms - historical and modern - than you are liable to find anywhere else. Take a look through our expansive collection of parts and build kits for 1911s and other popular models, and if by chance you are looking for something that you don’t see listed, give us a ring. You can reach us at 610-250-3960, and we’ll be glad to help you find the part or piece you need. It brings us great joy to know our customers can turn to us for their needs for rare and otherwise hard to find parts.