Slings, Holsters, Attachments, Mags and Clips for Sale, and More Key Considerations to Make

Slings, Holsters, Attachments, Mags and Clips for Sale, and More Key Considerations to Make

Jan 27th 2021

At Sarco, Inc., we provide a little bit of everything that you could need as a gun owner. Whether you’re here looking for maintenance supplies, historical parts and attachments or new clips for sale we have what you need.

Still, here are some things you should think about when searching through the following categories.


Gun slings can make carrying your firearm a lot more comfortable in the field. Keep the following pointers in mind when searching for the right model (or models) for you.

●Make sure it comes with the right attachments - Not all slings are created equal, and not all of them are made with quick detach components to make them easy to get on and off of the firearm. If that’s something you want, plan for it ahead of time. Although, if the sling is never going to leave the gun, it doesn’t really matter.

●If it isn’t sized appropriately, make sure it is adjustable - Some slings are not easily adjustable, especially some other leather ones. If it isn’t sized appropriately to you or the firearm in question, make sure it has adjustable features or it might be more work than it’s worth. Today, however, most slings are adjustable.

●Consider weaving your own from paracord - If you don’t find the perfect sling you are looking for, consider making your own out of paracord. Paracord slings are wildly useful, can be made to accept attachments and can be made to any length you choose. They’re also comfortable and, best of all, can be undone in an emergency to furnish you with a spare length of cordage in a pinch.


Holsters, like slings, are useful for carrying a firearm - but not all holsters are created equal.

●Choose wisely, we offer many options for carry - Whether you practice carrying OWB openly or you prefer concealed carry with a shoulder holster, we have options here at Sarco, Inc. that will work for you. Don’t compromise.

●Make sure it provides for retention - Besides how you want to carry, the most important thing you can consider in a firearm holster is the retention features that it provides. It should fit the firearm snugly, like a glove, and allow for virtually no move unless the firearm is deliberately and purposefully drawn.

●A holster that completely encloses the firearm is a good choice - Besides retention, which actually is one component of security, you should also consider the other security features that a holster provides. For example, holding all other things equal, it’s best to look for a holster that completely encloses the firearm. This is not always practical, but these are some of the safest designs of holsters that are produced today.

●If not, it should completely cover the trigger and preferable the hammer (if exposed) - If the holster in question does not completely enclose the firearm (and many don’t) it’s very important the holster completely encloses the trigger and trigger guard, at minimum. Some holsters even have a strap that retains the firearm and will cover the hammer, if the firearm has an exposed hammer. Any or all of these are desirable safety features that a holster can offer you.


In addition to our collection of firearm accessories, parts and military collectibles, we also keep a large assortment of cartridges in stock, some of which are harder to find than others. Whether you’re looking for the ubiquitous .30-06 Springfield or the .303 British which is a bit harder to come by, check with us first!

●Buy smart, be certain of the cartridge - Obviously it should go without saying but make sure you purchase the proper ammo for your firearm. There are some platforms that can handle more than one load; for example, some sporting rifles can fire both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO, but be careful, as some can fire only one but not the other. Also, specifically when working with civilian arms, pay attention to the markings. For example, the 7.62x39mm cartridge that most SKS rifles fire is not the same as the 7.62x51mm that is very similar in size and ballistic performance to the .308 Winchester that many civilian rifles utilize.

●Buy in bulk and save - Everyone once in a while you can get a really good deal by buying in bulk and saving. Clay shooters do this when buying shells for competition and practice and sometimes they even save money by reloading as well. If you’re looking for a deal of some sort, your best way to do it, at least in this regard is to see if you can get a deal in bulk. Also, if you don’t see it advertised in our collection of live ammo, get on the phone with us and see what we can offer you.

●Look for non-corrosive primers and propellants - One more thing to be aware of is that some foreign manufacturers make ammo with propellants and primers that promise to be non-corrosive but fall a little bit short on delivering that promise. Leaving fouling in a barrel is a quick way to ruin a gun; keep yours clean and use only reliable ammo.

Cleaning Supplies

On that note, keeping your firearm clean is critical for performance and longevity, whether it’s a smoothbore or a precision rifle. Each and every one of them has moving parts that need to be kept clean and well kept if you want your firearm to last a lifetime. Keep some of these in mind when you’re shopping for firearm cleaning supplies, tools and accessories.

●There’s more than one tool for keeping a firearm clean and we offer many of them - Some firearm owners like to use special tools like a boresnake to keep their barrels clear, whereas others prefer to use cleaning rods. The truth is that some tools work better than others, given the style of a firearm as well as how it’s action works. Also, remember, the barrel isn’t the only thing you need to keep clean. You need to keep the slide and bolt clean, as well as the other parts of the action and the trigger assembly. Don’t let fouling accumulate anywhere inside the receiver either, even if it’s a non-moving part.

●Use the right solvent - Not all solvents are created equal. Hoppe’s Number 9 is a thing of beauty, but you can’t use it on all surfaces. Also, if you shoot black powder or copper jacketed rounds, there are special solvents you should use.

●Don’t clean from the muzzle if you can help it - Some firearms simply need to be cleaned from the muzzle to the breech, but it’s best to clean the other way if you can at all help it. If you clean from the muzzle, you risk damaging the crowning of the rifling and thus accuracy. If you must clean this way, at least use a cleaning rod guide.


Caring for your firearm and making adjustments to it require a variety of specialized tools. We have many of them here at Sarco, Inc.!

●We have specialty tools like broken shell extractors - Just as a quick example, if you ever had a problem with a jammed or broken shell or piece of brass, we have special tools to help you deal with the issue!

●Mag Loaders can save you time at the range - Mag loaders can save you time and boost your enjoyment at the range, especially if you’re in the habit of burning lots of rounds at once. Plus, using these tools even has the potential to extend the usable life of your magazines.

●We offer other specialized tools (for example, for sight removal and adjustment) - Some firearms require specialized tools to make adjustments to sights or, for example, to remove them. Finding these tools often requires you to look through a collection by model, as each platform has its own specific needs.

Stocks and Grips

In our collection of stocks and grips, there are plenty of options for enabling you to get a custom slant to your favorite rifle, shotgun or pistol.

●Wood is historical and classy, but it also requires a lot of maintenance - Here at Sarco, Inc., we provide quite a large range of replacement stocks and grips for many different popular rifles and shotguns. Many of these are made of wood, as the originals would have been. However, if your firearm, whatever it is, has a wood stock, it will require much more care and attention than a synthetic model.

●One firearm may be able to accept a large number of different stocks or grips - Also, keep in mind that many firearms can accept more than one size or style of stock. For example, SKS rifles were often outfitted with wooden stocks, but there are a ton of aftermarket synthetic tactical stocks for them. You may be able to get a custom look for your favorite platform without even needing to adjust it.

Spare Parts

In addition to the above mentioned categories and accessories, we also keep a large collection of spare and replacement parts for firearms.

●Firing pins and hammers - Firing pins and hammers are mission critical for firearms. When the firing pin breaks or it strikes the wrong part of the case, the gun doesn’t work. Then you need to conduct an evaluation to figure out what is going wrong. Sometimes it can be easily remedied by replacing a broken firing pin or replacing a hammer. Sometimes the culprit is a spring.

●Springs, pins and screws - On that note, springs fatigue and wear out on firearms. Replacing them is often easier than you think but you will need the parts and knowledge of how to make the replacement. We have spare parts, pins and springs for a load of popular firearms here on our site.

●Sights - A surprising number of used firearms are sold with missing or deformed sights. Luckily, most of the time these are relatively easy to replace. You just need to find the sights themselves, and sometimes special tools. We’ll help with both.

Magazines and Clips for Sale

While they might be considered accessories instead of firearm parts, we offer plenty of gun magazines andclips for sale here. Whether you need a standard issue clip or a high capacity magazine like a drum mag, we have options!

●Make sure it fits the firearm - Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that any mag or clip for sale fits your firearm. If not, it would really only be useful for show.

●Make sure the springs and followers are in good order - If the mag or clip for sale that you have your eye on does not have quality working internals and followers, it won’t feed smoothly or at all. These are things to ask about when you’re evaluating parts like these.

●Ensure that catches and other retention features are operable - In addition, you’ll also want to ensure that catches and other retention features are in working order; otherwise, the mag or clip might just fall out of the bottom of the gun.

Other Attachments and Accessories

In addition to the other items mentioned in this article, we also keep many of the following on hand.

●Scope rings and rail kits - Sometimes iron sights are classy, other times, optics are preferable. In that case, many receivers can be drilled and tapped and used with rail adapters and scope rings to mount optics. You’ll need a gunsmith for the service, but we have the parts.

●Laser sights and other optics - if your rifle or pistol has a rail or other adapter on it alright, you might want to mount lights, lasers or other optics, and you can get some of them right on our site.

●Don’t forget full parts kits - finally, we also offer full parts kits for many models of popular firearms, and these are good to keep on hand because you’ll always have at least one spare of any critical part.

Call Us If We Didn’t Cover It!

If there’s any other part or accessory that you don’t see highlighted here, remember, we have much more in our online store than we have room for categorizing here. Call us if you can’t find it and we’ll see if we can put you in touch with it.

Also, if you have questions associated with the use or maintenance of your favorite firearm, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ve seen a little bit of everything over the years and we’d be more than happy to help field any of your questions. Call us at 610-250-3960 and see what we can offer you.