Restore Your Beloved Browning with Our Browning Parts

Restore Your Beloved Browning with Our Browning Parts

Aug 17th 2021

John Moses Browning was one of the most influential minds in the entire history of firearms development. Some would tell you plainly that J. M. Browning was the most influential mind in the history of firearms, bar none.

Countless Browning firearms - rifles, pistols and shotguns - are included in lists of “best guns ever” by publications around the country. Models like the Superposed, Hi Power and A5 consistently top the lists of some of the best firearms ever produced, and these are carried with confidence by sportsmen and armed citizens around the country, to this day. Some of them, like the A5, are still considered elites.

But it is not even where you can find the name of Browning himself that is most impressive. What some may not realize, even those in the shooting sports, is that Browning’s influence extended far beyond the scope of Browning Arms Company that now expressly bears his name. His mark on the history of design, development and production of firearms is indelible.

Remember the Colt 1911? That was designed and tested by John Moses Browning himself. He actually was so demanding in his trials with the prototype that he apparently dipped the pistol in a bucket of water to keep it cool between sessions of firing.

That’s just one example. The Winchester 1885 and the 1894 lever rifle - both designed by Browning, along with the Colt 1903. Browning’s mark on firearms history cannot be understated.

But enough of historical praise. You are probably here because you need Browning parts  or accessories, and you’re in just the right place.

What Browning Parts Do You Need?

Naturally, whatever Browning parts you need will be determined by the model you own. Classic Browning firearms like the M1919 and A5 are some of the most widely respected and fairly common firearms in safes, and some of them are pretty old as well. Luckily for you, we have plenty of parts for these rifles and shotguns in our online collection, as well as plenty of parts for browning pistols.

Of course, what you need may also be determined by the issue you’re experiencing with your firearm. Perhaps either your M1919 or your Browning Hi Power is producing groups that are not what they used to be. They’re remarkably different platforms, but that similar issue may indicate an issue with the barrel’s rifling. Perhaps it’s time to inspect the condition of the bore; it may be time to replace it, especially in aging models.

Maybe your issue is a little bit different, or a bit more proprietary. Perhaps, instead, your A5 is not cycling. As these firearms get older, springs wear out; you might also be coming up against a problem with the friction rings. They may need to be replaced to better suit the loads you’re firing.

Our collection of Browning parts also contains an encyclopedic listing of minute, easy-to-overlook gun parts that are, nonetheless, vital to the fluid operation of your firearm. We carry sights, safeties, trigger springs, triggers, recoil springs, firing pins, and much more. We even carry full-blown kits that have almost everything you need to construct a platform from the ground up. If you’re missing something - no matter how small or rare - there’s a good chance you can find it here. New, properly sized, properly maintained parts can breathe new life into an aging rifle, pistol, or shotgun.

Form vs. Function in Browning Parts

One last thing to remember is that it is not simply a function which you might wish to restore. A Browning shotgun might be a true heirloom that is a cherished item in your collection. If you still use it, it’s going to need maintenance and servicing with the proper parts - but sometimes your aim might be on vanity and not simply on operation.

For example, our collection of Browning parts contains beautiful entries like beautiful hardwood A5 stocks, even stocks with recoil pads, with which you can breathe new appeal into your aging A5. Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with your shotgun - but at the same time you can “detail” your favorite gun with a brand new stock for an instant upgrade.

It’s not always about operation. If you’re looking for a new slide, stock, sights, or even sling mounts for your favorite Browning, check here first.

Call Us If You Need Help

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