Practical Uses for WW2 Helmets

Practical Uses for WW2 Helmets

Mar 27th 2021

Collectors collect for the thrill of finding an esteemed piece of history, and sometimes for the value that accompanies the deal in the form of a price tag. Others are looking for reproductions of historical pieces that they can put to actual use.

Our collection of WW2 helmets contains real examples as well as reproductions. These pieces of equipment were initially designed to protect their wearers from blasts of shrapnel and ammunition. Today, enterprising collectors and enthusiasts can put some of them to more practical, domestic uses, including some of the following.

1.Create a historically accurate display - With a piece of history

Both original and reproduction WW2 helmets are great for creating a historically accurate display or a tribute. Sometimes collections can’t get their hands on original pieces, which is understandable because some of these are very hard to come by. However, if your home has a collection or a display, or even if you would like to contribute to a community memorial as a tribute to those who served or were lost in World War II, one of our helmets is a great way to do so.

2.Increase the value of a collection

By a similar token, the value of a collection that contains memorabilia, arms and collectibles from World War II can be increased with the inclusion of a well-selected and relevant World War II helmet. For example, if you have a collection of arms and field gear from British forces, then a Tommy Helmet would increase the completeness and value of the collection. The same could be said of the relative value of any of our other pieces of gear, particularly our authentic helmets.

It’s hard to assess the value of authentic period items that could be increasing in rarity all the time. When you come upon them you have to know when to buy, because there’s a limited supply of historical artifacts in the world; more can’t simply be made.

3.MilSim matches

If you plan on getting an accurate reproduction, a very practical use of one would be in a MilSim match. If you’re not familiar, MilSim, which is short for military simulation, is a form of airsoft (and sometimes paintball) that mirrors military engagements as closely as possible.

During MilSim events, what you can wear and carry are closely regulated by the hosts of the event. For example, some events which are reenactments of famous battles, require you to carry repro arms and field gear associated with the battle or the period. While it’s not probable that any event host would require you to have a period-authentic helmet or reproduction, they might be allowed in the event.


Reenactments probably need little introduction, but they represent another great use for period helmets and gear. With that said, helmets from WW2 would not necessarily make useful accessories for all reenactors. It depends on the reenactor and the reenactment in question.

However, these represent another practical use for WW2 helmets, except, unlike MilSim, reenactments effectively require period accurate gear and accessories. For anyone who participates in World War II reenactments, a helmet from the period and associated with the force they were representing would be both useful and valuable.

5.Decorative Uses and Artwork

Finally, one more practical use for the original and reproduction helmets in our collection is for their use in creating decorations and artwork. When you set out to create a display or another creative fixture using a period helmet, your creativity represents your only bounds

These helmets can also be used as educational resources for teachers or repurposed into paperweights, planters or flower pots - just don’t use the originals.

These are some of the more innovative uses for WW2 helmets that we can think of, and though they were also used for things like carrying water, cooking and making donuts, we don’t suggest you use any of ours for these purposes.

Whether you’re looking for the iconic M1 that served troops from the United States faithfully throughout most of the 20th century, or the infamous Stahlhelm that was made famous by Nazi Germany, we have the WW2 helmets - both original and reproduction - that you’re looking for. You just might not know it yet.

Give us a call and let us know what you want with a helmet from the Second World War and we’ll point you in the right direction. We have American helmets, German Helmets, British Helmets, Japanese helmets and even Bulgarian helmets, along with the steel pots, helmet liners and accessories.

Our collection has famous helmets for sale from throughout the history as well, including the Pickelhaube made famous by the Central powers in The Great War, Medieval Helmets and even reproduction helmets from classical antiquity.

Check out our collection and let us know if you need any help - we’re waiting for your call at 610-250-3960.